Train like a pro!

Hands-on tactical instruction using real guns and live ammo

Learn to implement what you know in practical situations. Turn to the pros from Hotshot Laser Training, LLC and learn to defend yourself with your own firearms, or rent one from us. Classes cover both rifle and pistol use in defensive encounters in an urban setting. Learn to clear those rooms!

You must train for all posible attack situations. Hotshot Laser Training, LLC will take you through each attack, step by step, and teach you to react and respond so you can save lives.


Every other Saturday, 7:00 am to 10:00 am


Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Range

Group size?

Around 6 people


$110 per person

How long is it?

3 hours

What will we learn?

Training will cover firearm safety, holster draws, tactical training, room clearing, multiple shooters, shooting from different positions, using cover/concealment, and more!