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Do You Know What It Takes to Be a Responsible Gun Owner in Pasco or Kennewick, WA?

Learn valuable firearm skills at our concealed carry training class in Pasco, WA

Knowing how to shoot and being able to do it in a stressful situation are two different things. That's where Hotshot Laser Training, LLC comes in. When you sign up for our concealed carry training course in Pasco, WA, you can count on our firearm experts to offer simulated scenarios that teach you how to use your gun safely and effectively.

Before you consider taking this course, sign up for a Learn the Laws class. This is a recommended course you should take before you advance to our concealed carry training and self-defense courses. Understanding the laws of self defense is must for a responsible gun owner!

Get high-quality training from our experienced instructors today. Call now to sign up for our next class.


What is your recommendation for time frame spent on this class?

We recommend 2 hours for this class, and this class should be repeated over time