Become a Real Sharp Shooter With Hands-On Training

If you live in Pasco or Kennewick, WA, get the training you need at our indoor gun range

Shoot your shot at Hotshot Laser Training, LLC. Our indoor gun range is the perfect place to learn best practices for defensive gun use. Unlike a traditional range, we offer video-simulated training using laser guns. You'll learn how to properly operate a gun and improve your accuracy without the pressure of using real guns.

Laser firearm training is perfect for novice shooters wanting to get their feet wet and learn proper technique. We charge a flat rate of $55.00 per hour, tax included. To reserve your slot at our indoor gun range in Pasco, Washington, call now.


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Refine your shooting skills at our indoor range

Laser firearm training is like playing a video game with gun controllers. Although the guns are fake, the training you'll receive is real. It's our hope that you take what you've learned and apply it correctly if you're in a high-pressure situation.

Here's why we suggest simulation shooting for first-time shooters:

You aren't intimidated by a real gun

You don't need extra head or eye gear

You aren't startled by loud gunshots

You'll receive one-on-one training

Give us a shot! We offer one-on-one or group classes. To book your time at our indoor gun range in Pasco, WA, call today.

Defend Yourself Against a Predator

Learn how to disarm an attacker with self-defense training

Live Fire Class

Train like a pro!

Hands-on tactical instruction using real guns and live ammo.

Learn to implement what you know in practical situations. Turn to the pros from Hotshot Laser Training, LLC and learn to defend yourself with your own firearms, or rent one from us. Classes cover both rifle and pistol use in defensive encounters in an urban setting. Learn to clear those rooms!

You must train for all posible attack situations. Hotshot Laser Training, LLC will take you through each attack, step by step, and teach you to react and respond so you can save lives.

Train for multiple outcomes.

Always hope for the best in a situation, but prepare and train for the worst! During our live fire training you will cover the following:

  • 1-handed shooting
  • Weak handed shooting
  • Shooting from different positions
  • Shooting while on the move
  • Shooting from cover

Learn the skills you need to learn for home defense along side our experienced instructors near Richland, WA. Sign up for our Life Fire Class today!